Club Crouton English

Club Crouton English is the name of our English clubs in Ukraine.  These clubs are for kids age 6 to 12, using games and songs to make English fun and stick in your minds.

When and where is English Club?

There are no English clubs meeting currently, as we are in America, but you can learn more here about what we do.

What is the goal of Club Crouton English?

Our goal is to help kids speak in English. While learning grammar rules is nice, and being able to spell is handy, we think the first priority is to give kids confidence and vocabulary to talk to English speakers.

Do you use a curriculum?

We enjoy the techniques of Genki English and borrow alot of material from their program. ( ).  We usually have a question of the day “What’s the weather like?” and then give eight answers to that question.  Then we’ll practice those questions.  We really love flashcards.

What do you charge?

Club Crouton English has always been, and always will be free.  This is one way that an American can serve his Ukrainian community?

Can I hire you for private lessons?  

I’m sorry. I don’t teach private lessons.

I came here because of some flashcards?   

We call them Omega Cards.  You can find out more here.