Construction Zone Online

Are you looking for our Youtube Channel? You can search for captcrouton (or just click on it here). If you’re interested in a particular series, here are the latest playlists.

Fun Fair

The Fall Festival is a fun time to be shared with our friends. It’s also a great time to bring new friends to church, so they can hear about Jesus and the things he taught the disciples.

Spaghetti Western

The Old Testament was a time of courage and lawlessness, much like the American Old West. Here’s a series on finding your way through the wild modern world we live in today.

Penguin at Bat

This series features Luther the Penguin as he joins the Charlotteville Sharks and learns about the Ten Commandments (Not complete yet)

Treasure Hunt

Who is Jesus? What did he do on earth? Follow this Treasure Hunt and learn about his life.

Milo’s Big Bug World

Not everybody loves bugs, but Milo does. We’ll look at 7 different bugs and what lessons we can learn from them.

League of Substitute Superheroes

Is your superhero sick or stuck in a parallel universe? Is your sidekick sidetracked? You can call the League of Substitute Superheroes to find a temporary replacement.

Blue Lava Island

Blue Lava Island is a great place to surf, enjoy the beach and learn the Beatitudes with Murph the Surf and Luther the Penguin. They are the Beati-dudes.

New Creature Laboratory

New Creature Labs is a series about walking as a New Creature in Christ Jesus.

Cooking with Murph

It’s Super Chef School Cafeteria, Chef Murph. Here to help you learn about God while cooking up delicious yum yums in the kitchen.