Keep Building

Bible Reading: 1 Peter 2:1-6

Memory Verse:  “I pray that …you will keep on growing. (Philippians 1:9) 


A half built apartment building stands down the street from where I live.  It’s surrounded by a fence for more than five years.  Sadly, I never see any workers.  I never hear any big machines running over there.  All the metal girders are covered in rust.  Wooden planks are warped and crumbling from the rain.

I don’t know why the builders quit working there. Instead of families of people, I see birds living up in the structure.  I guess mice and insects have homes there too, and lots of spiders.

Sometimes people will hear about Jesus and pray for salvation. But they quit like those builders. Maybe serving Jesus got hard, or people got tired. Maybe they don’t know what to do next.

A building doesn’t come together accidentally.  We have to choose to build.  We need to choose to take steps to grow closer to him.  Take some time to pray.  Don’t just repeat words. Talk to God. Tell him your desire to keep on growing. 

Another way to grow is to read the Bible.  Ask the Holy Spirit to open up your eyes to what you should learn from the verses you read.  Let it give you direction on how to live in this world.  Don’t just hear the word, but do it. 

If we live according to God’s Word, Jesus said it’s like building your house on the rock.  When the storms of life come, we will stand strong.  So keep on building!

How about you?

Are you building your life on the Lord Jesus?

What has God given us to help us to know how to live for Him?


Lord Jesus, thank you for being a strong foundation to build my life.  Help me not to just start but to stay faithful in building my spirit in you.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.