Where Your Treasure Is

Bible Reading  Matthew 6:19-21

Memory Verse:  Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Poor old Captain Barclay. He spent his entire life trying to find Blockbeard’s treasure.  When he finally found it, the treasure chest contained nothing but junk.

It’s funny thing about treasures here in the world. Rust can destroy it. Moths can eat it.  Thieves can steal it.  I spent more money than I wanted on a cell phone, but now the screen is cracked and the buttons are wearing out.  Pretty soon it will be worthless. I know because I’ve had quite a few cell phones before that.

Jesus told us not to put our treasure in this world because it’s so easy to lose or spoil.  He said we should store our treasure in heaven where it will last forever.  In fact, all the treasures you can gather when you’re here on earth, you’ll lose when you die.  If your treasures are in heaven, however, you keep them forever.

Wherever your treasure is, your heart is there too. You protect the things that are the most valuable to you.  Too often, we center our lives around popularity, or toys or fun.  We put these things up high in our lives, but In the end those things leave us empty.  It’s a treasure chest full of spider webs.

How do we store treasures in heaven?  We can’t send up our money with the angels.  We can use our  time, our talents and our money on His work here on earth.  Even small acts of service, giving a cup of water to a little kid, will receive its rewards. (Matthew 10:42)

Captain Barclay wasted a lot on his treasure.  Don’t waste your life.

What about you?

What’s your most valuable possession?  Where do you keep it?

What treasures do you think you’ve stored up in heaven already?

What can you do today for the kingdom of God?