Helping Ukraine

A few people have asked me how they can give to help care for and support Ukraine. There are alot of ministries, churches and individuals doing great things to feed, rescue and care for Ukrainians at this dark hour. These are ministries that you can easily give to with a few clicks. I hope to update this list as I get more information.

First Love International Ministries

Safe Haven is a transition home for young adults that have graduated from state-run orphanages in Ukraine. Recently the whole house evacuated to Czech Republic.

Give to First Love International Ministries.

Assemblies of God Disaster Relief Ukraine

This is our missions sending organization. I can’t give specifics for their protection, but one Bible School I’m closely connected with is feeding 500 people a day right now in Kyiv. You can give to them through this link

Give to Assemblies of God Ukraine Relief

Connections Cafe

This Cafe is an extension of a church’s outreach in downtown Uzhgorod. We worked with them and they helped us while we were in Uzhgorod. This region of Ukraine is so close to the border (10 minutes to Slovakia border) that Russia isn’t bombing it for fear of NATO reprisals.

They are collecting funds to provide beds, blankets, pillows, food, etc for Internally Displace People fleeing the war in the regions of Ukraine. Right now they have twenty beds, but we are expanding to 100 beds by next week. The beds, blankets and pillows are all being donated by government officials in Slovakia. It will require $510 a day to feed the people plus utility costs.

Give to One Collective

Ukraine Relief Fund – Jeremiah’s Hope

I’ve worked with Jeremiah’s Hope for may years. They are distributing relief to villages, and partnering with other ministries to purchase vehicles and fuel for rescue missions.

Give to Jeremiah’s Hope Relief Fund