Can’t Wait to Be King

Bible Reading:  1 Samuel 16: 7 – 13

Memory Verse:  :  1 Samuel 16:7b  “…for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


How would you like to be king or queen?  You would be the most powerful person in the country. You could eat what you wanted and have what you wanted.  Long ago, there was a shepherd named David who loved God.   One day he was visited by Samuel the prophet, who said he would be the next king of Israel.

David didn’t become king the next day.  He went right back to his sheep. Even after he killed the giant and became a hero, it was many years before he took the throne. In that time, people tried to kill him and he had to go into hiding?

What happened to God?  He promised all these great things but David waited and waited and waited.

David trusted God while he waited. He remembered how God protected him when animals attacked his sheep. He knew God was faithful.  David called on God for help when things got tough.

Like David, we can trust God when His promises seem overdue. We can remember how God was faithful in the past.  And we can call on Him when we need help.  God always keeps His promises so we should never give up.

What about you?

Would you call yourself a patient person?  Why or why not?

When things go badly, what do you do? Get mad and throw things? Do you hide?

What can we learn from David’s example?