Noah and the Flood (Part 2)







Bible Reading:  Genesis 7

Memory Verse: And Noah obeyed all that God commanded him.” – Genesis 7:5


Not everything God tells us to do is easy. Being kind to a mean person is hard. Sharing Jesus with someone might be scary.

God told Noah to build an ark to save the animals and his family from the huge flood.  Noah and his family worked hard. The ark was as long as a football field and a half. Noah built everything buy hand because they didn’t have power tools.  The ark project took many years to finish.

I wonder if some hot days, Noah asked, “Was that really God telling me to build this ark? Everyone’s laughing at me. Is it really going to rain?”

The Bible says Noah obeyed all that God commanded him.  Because of his faithfulness, Noah and his family were safe. They were the only people that survived the flood.

Noah saw miracles because of his obedience. God didn’t tell Noah to collect two of every animal. God sent the animals to him.  Were the neighbors surprised to see two elephants walking down the road?

When the animals were inside, Noah saw another miracle. God shut the door and Noah heard rain for the first time in his life.

God didn’t say obeying him would be easy. In fact, the Bible says “the way is difficult that leads to life” (Matthew 7:14) But when we obey God, He will cause us to rise above the storms in life. Like Noah, we can find our safety in our Heavenly Father.

What about You?

Are you facing storms in life?

Are there things happening that cause you to wonder about God’s love and his care?  Stay obedient to Him and see His hand in your life too.

Prayer:   Heavenly Father, thank you that you protect me from danger.  Help me to stay faithful to you even when it’s difficult to obey.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.