Where am I

Club Crouton is the home of Captain Crouton, and the writings of Markus Wolf. We call this place “Club Crouton” because of who we are. Jesus is the Bread of Life. We are a small part of His Body. If you divide bread into little pieces, you get croutons! We hope that you will be a crouton too.

Our Daily Brick

For some time, we’ve been retelling Bible stories and lessons using (mostly) Lego. It’s ever a work in progress.

Behind the Scenes

Markus Wolf is a full-time missionary to kids in Ukraine, and a part time writer of superhero stories. Markus and his family live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Much of what you see here was written for kids in his church or mission.


When there’s something new, we’ll tell you about it here.

New Bible Story: Abram and Lot

Our Daily Brick finally has its 31st devotional. Abram and Lot. Now you can a Lego based devotional every day for a month. Production Notes: OG loves the simple Lego sheep and ‘stole’ one with a pink face. He ended up in the car during photography, so he never made it into the show.

Plastic Heaven

I just posted the 25th devotional in Our Daily Brick. We taught on “What is Heaven Like,” this past Sunday at ICA. It completes a one year curriculum covering an overview of the Bible. Oddly, the curriculum skipped all the Epistles, going directly from Acts to Revelation. It would have been nice to see at […]

New Lego Bible Story: Aquila and Priscilla

I just posted the 24th Lego devotional entitled “Aquila and Priscilla.” Click on the link to get there directly. This was the lesson we taught at ICA Kyiv last Sunday. I do realize that there were no sewing machines in the New Testament, but I thought it would be fun to make one, and it […]

Our Daily Brick Updates

The cat’s out of the bag. This month I’m making it a goal to write a devotional every day for the Our Daily Brick series. I have a backlog of pictures and a few devos already written that need editing. You can experience all the plastic goodness by clicking here.