When there’s something new, we’ll tell you about it here.

Fort Building Challenge

On Sunday, March 29th, we posted the lastest episode of Construction Zone Online. You can watch it here. This week our challenge is to build a fort out of couch cushions, blankets or whatever you have in the house. You can send your entry to clubcrouton@gmail.com. The first entry has already come in.

The Playdough Challenge

Sunday, we posted a new episode of Construction Zone Online. You can see it here! At the end of the video, we posted a new challenge. Make something awesome out of playdough. It’s that easy. It can be a pretzel if you want, but we just want to see what you can do. We will […]

Fruit Tree Contest

On Sunday, March 15, we uploaded our the first episode of Construction Zone Online. Our church, ICA Kyiv, is closed for 3 Sundays due to the Corona Virus outbreak. At the end of the episode, we announced a fruit tree building contest using anything you have around the house. On Saturday, March 21, 2020, we […]

Cooking with Murph: Fruit Pizza

Today our church went totally online. When we found out what was going down, we decided to do the Construction Zone online too. I had three days to figure out what to do and then how to do it. At the end of the episode there’s a contest to win a prize. You can make […]

Where am I

Club Crouton is the home of Captain Crouton, and the writings of Markus Wolf. We call this place “Club Crouton” because of who we are. Jesus is the Bread of Life. We are a small part of His Body. If you divide bread into little pieces, you get croutons! We hope that you will be a crouton too.

Our Daily Brick

For some time, we’ve been retelling Bible stories and lessons using (mostly) Lego. It’s ever a work in progress.

Behind the Scenes

Markus Wolf is a full-time missionary to kids in Ukraine, and a part time writer of superhero stories. Markus and his family live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Much of what you see here was written for kids in his church or mission.