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Christmas Story Part 1

We just released a mini video on Instagram and Facebook. We welcome your comments below.

Space Scooter

Tonight we made this Space Scooter. It’s based on the original Lego set from 1986. 1557-1 Scooter. The directions and info about this model is here. I didn’t have all the parts, and what I did have wasn’t in the same color, so without taking too much effort trying to duplicate the original, this is […]

“Are you Hungry?” video just posted.

New Creature Lab Part 6

Here’s the latest from the Construction Zone Online

Where am I

Club Crouton is the home of Captain Crouton, and the writings of Markus Wolf. We call this place “Club Crouton” because of who we are. Jesus is the Bread of Life. We are a small part of His Body. If you divide bread into little pieces, you get croutons! We hope that you will be a crouton too.

Our Daily Brick

For some time, we’ve been retelling Bible stories and lessons using (mostly) Lego. It’s ever a work in progress.

Behind the Scenes

Markus Wolf is a full-time missionary to kids in Ukraine, and a part time writer of superhero stories. Markus and his family live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Much of what you see here was written for kids in his church or mission.