5000 Fish Sandwiches

Bible Reading:  John 6:1-14

Memory Verse  Praise Him for his might acts.  Praise Him according to His excellent greatness.  Mark 10:2y


The disciples looked at each other.  It was getting late and they were hungry.  Jesus had been speaking to a crowd of 5000 people all day . He healed many of them and taught them about the Kingdom of God.  Now it was late in the afternoon.

“Send the people to the nearest villages,” they told Jesus. “There’s nothing to eat out here and they need to find food.”

“You feed them,” Jesus said.

“A paycheck for a whole year wouldn’t feed all these people,” Philip said.

“There’s a boy here offering five bread rolls and two little fish,” Andrew said. “But what good is that small amount?”

But Jesus took the lunch that the boy had shared. He looked up to heaven and blessed the food. And he began breaking pieces off the bread and the fish.  He handed the pieces to the disciples, who gave them out to the people.  The people began to see a miracle. No matter how much Jesus broke the bread, there was still more in his hand.

When all the people had eaten, Jesus told the disciples to gather up the leftovers.  There were 12 baskets full of bread and fish.

Jesus explained the miracle like this.   He is the Bread of Life, the source of everything we need.  It is through Jesus that we can receive eternal life. We shouldn’t focus our lives on food and clothes and stuff here on earth that fades away.  But look for the eternal bread in heaven.

But there’s a little story here too.  Just one boy in five thousand was willing to give his lunch away. But because he gave his little bit, he played a big part in Jesus’ mighty miracle.

For you and I, when we give our “little” to Jesus, He can do great things.  Our sacrifice might be small but our God is big.

What about you?

How would you feel if that was your lunch that Jesus used?

Do you feel like you have nothing to give God


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