New Feature at Club Crouton

Today there’s no kids ministry at ICA Kyiv, so I thought I’d unveil this morning. I’ve been secretly working on an online Sunday School program for kids. I’m looking at making tools to help kids in their walk with God. But I also wanted to add some fun features.

So as you interact with this webpage, it will award you in “golden croutons.” You can see your score at the top of the screen. Each time you post, complete a Bible lesson, watch a video, it (should) give add to your total crouton count. With those croutons, you’ll be able to buy collectible Yolkie Cards. Just like at ICA Kyiv, but digitally.

You do have to register for this to work. It’s the only way that the webpage can track your score. But here are the steps

How to Join Club Crouton

  1. Click on “Dashboard” on the right side of the screen.
  2. Register your name and your parent’s email (If you’re a grown up, you can use your own)
  3. Sign up for a course. Right now we’re doing Fall Festival and we’re on Lesson 2, “Bobbing for Apples.” I’ve included worship songs only on that lesson. But you are welcome to try any of the lessons.
  4. Each lesson includes a fun quiz to see how much you’ve learned.
  5. Please comment on what you think about this new feature and how we can improve.

Thank you so much for giving this a try!

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