Plastic Heaven

I just posted the 25th devotional in Our Daily Brick. We taught on “What is Heaven Like,” this past Sunday at ICA. It completes a one year curriculum covering an overview of the Bible. Oddly, the curriculum skipped all the Epistles, going directly from Acts to Revelation. It would have been nice to see at least a few of those letters, but I guess the curriculum people had alot to choose from to cover 52 weeks.

These Lego images were a real challenge in two ways. One, how do you even pretend to capture the glory of Heaven with plastic bricks. My streets of gold are streets of yellow plastic. Lego did produce some metallic gold tiles, but I only have one.

As we were gone all week doing camp in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, I had about an afternoon on Saturday afternoon to create and photograph the Lego displays. They’re not everything I wanted them to be, but they allowed me to talk about the aspects of heaven. I hope you can use them for your home devotionals too.

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